62 Court Street, Plymouth, MA, 02360 • (508) 927-4955
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm Closed Sunday
Consignments: Consignors PLEASE CALL regarding consignment policies & times.

How To Consign

View Our Consignor Agreement

  • PLEASE CALL BEFORE COMING IN (We can't always accommodate drop-ins.)
  • First-time consignors: AT LEAST 8-10 items (After you are an established consignor, 1 or 2 items are okay.)
  • Items on hangers (We give hangers right back - it’s much easier for us to look through items.)
  • We can only accept 25-30 items from anyone consignor per drop off/week. This is only fair to all consignors - we can’t dedicate our resources to processing one person’s items. It also keeps our selection and sizes varied.
  • While we do accept jewelry, please just a couple of“statement” pieces - necklaces and bracelets sell better than earrings.

 What We DO Accept

  • Sweaters, tops, tunics, dresses, some activewear, vests, jackets, coats (down always sells)
  • New or “like new” shoes, boots, purses and accessories, including scarves
  • “Better” labels - While we don’t hold hard and fast to exclusively taking only certain labels, keep in mind some brands just don’t have a “second life” if they were purchased at a discount, to begin with (i.e. Walmart brands).

Please don’t be offended if we say “no thank you” to an item. Take-ins are based on what are proven sellers.

What We DON'T Accept

  • Styles more than 3-5 years old
  • Pants (exceptions: Eileen Fisher, Chicos, Lyseé, etc.), skirts, shorts, skorts. Pull on knit styles sell best.
  • Suits, “career wear” tailored styles
  • Formal, prom, bridal (including Mother of the Bride), or “dressy Holiday”
  • Nightwear, swimwear, lingerie, belts, out-dated leather jackets
  • Maternity
  • Juniors (sizes 3, 5, 7, etc. & also Jr. labels -Abercrombie, Aeropostle, etc.)

Things To Keep In Mind

“Would I Buy THIS?”

If you don’t wear something because it is old or dated, our customer doesn’t want it either. There are wonderful charities that recycle the fabric in outdated clothes. 

“Seasonal Clothing”

We accept seasonal clothing and try to take items “leading into” a season. For example: Bringing in something close to the end of the season it’s meant to be worn in, is taking a chance it will be marked down before it’s had enough time on the sales floor.

Please Note: STYLE UNLIMITED reserves the right to make exceptions.

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